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Derma Roller Titanium Microneedle Roller-3 Size Optional

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  • Derma rolling has become very popular with skincare junkies over the last couple of years, but many people are afraid to try it as soon as they hear it involves needles. The rolling device has tiny needles on it that make very tiny punctures in your skin as you roll the device over your face. It sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. 

    These micro punctures that occur on the skin are intended to help face acne scares and help with an increase in collagen production. This product is good for all skin types. Derma rolling also known as micro needling can also help your skin absorb your skincare better into the skin. Over time you will definitely see a difference in your skin. You will begin to see your acne scares and blemishes slowly fade away and there will be a beautiful natural glow to your skin. 

    Basically what happens is that once the tiny micro punctures are created on the skin your blood rushes to that area to repair it which helps regenerate new skin cells so that your skin can be repaired. This helps fade the old blemishes on your skin and also helps with creating a beautiful glow. Micro needling is said to help with large pores, wrinkles and can help fade the appearance of dark spots and even stretch marks.

    So what you need to keep in mind: 

    there are actually different sizes for the needle which all depend on your skin concern. 

    0.25-0.5mm is great for enlarged pores and fine lines

    1mm ideal for light scarring 

    1.5mm should be used for deeper scars

    these size needles are ideal for at home personal use. If you have severe scarring and these needles sizes don’t work for you it is best to consult a dermatologist for advice. 

    Keep in mind that before you start using the derma roller on your skin that the roller and your face should both be clean. You need to make gentle even movements across the skin. Make sure that if you decide to change direction on your skin while rolling that you actually lift the roller off your skin first before changing directions. 

    Do not use this device if you have a poor immune system or if you currently have active ance. If you have very sensitive skin we also recommend not using this device as it may damage your skin instead of helping it. As with any new skincare product or device it is always best to do your own research as well and consider your skin type and sensitivity before beginning with anything new on it.

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