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Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Slimming System
Cavitation Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Slimming System

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Ultrasonic Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses high frequency sound waves technology to reduce fat cells in targeted parts of the body. This is a preferred option for anyone who does not want to undergo extreme options, such as liposuction, as there is no needles involved and is completely painless. 

During an ultrasonic cavitation procedure, noninvasive machines target specific body areas with low-frequency sound waves (they're what put the "ultrasonic" in "ultrasonic cavitation") and, in some cases, light suction. This process heats and vibrates the layer of fat cells below the skin's surface. The pressure eventually causes the fat cells to liquefy and release their contents into the bloodstream.

The exact number of treatments needed will vary due to factors such as age, weight, and the area being treated. It is cautioned that 8-12 sessions should suffice for optimal results, and each treatment should take about 5-10 minutes for each area. 



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