AAO CARE ~ Pioneers of LED Light Therapy ~ Laguna Hills, CA

Q: Who is AAO Care?
A: AAO Care is a leader in the beauty industry with hundreds of 5 star reviews and thousands of customers. Sold all over the world, we believe everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, and want to provide the opportunity to experience the full benefits of LED Light Therapy.

Q: Why is AAO Care better than our competitors?
A: Our products are designed to bring the salon experience to your home. Our easability of use lends itself to at-home use, but our salon-level quality is what really sets us apart. Most competitors offer cheaply made devices at a premium price point. We seek to do the opposite: create a premium product at a budget-friendly price point.

Q: If AAO Care produces premium machines, why is the price point so much lower than competitors?
A: We skip the additional markup of retailers and other companies and pass these savings directly to you. We do a smaller markup from production costs and skip the additional markups of other brands. Check out our best selling beauty products.

Q: What is your shipping policy?
A: We offer FREE Shipping in the United States!

Q: Is light therapy safe?
A: Yes, all studies have shown that light therapy causes no harm or pain when used according to directions.

Q: Does light therapy hurt?
A: Not at all! One of the main benefits of light therapy is its ability to rejuvenate and heal the skin without causing any pain during or after treatment. The light waves penetrate the skin to increase cell metabolism and growth that is already occurring, making the process noninvasive and painless.

Q: What are the main purposes of light therapy?
A: Light therapy has many purposes depending on the wavelength of light most commonly used. The most sought after and noticeable benefits are reduction in acne, inflammation, and scarring and an increase in skin elasticity and health. There are also benefits of infrared light penetrating deepest below the skin to provide pain relief.

Q: Does Infrared light hurt?
A: No. Infrared light is invisible to the eye but can be felt as warmth. When used correctly, the infrared settings will cause no discomfort and instead alleviate skin damage and tissue pain.

Q: How long should I take per session?
A: Session duration depends on your experience with light therapy prior to using our products, and far along you are in the AAO Care recommended program. Consult the manual that comes with your product for more information.

Q: How many sessions per week should I do?
A: The frequency of sessions depends on your skin goals and the amount you have already used the product. Consult the manual that comes with your product to help make a decision on session frequency.

Q: Can I travel with AAO Care products?
A: We recommend putting them in your checked baggage.

Q: Do I need training to use the products?
A: No! Our products are designed to be intuitive right out of the box for immediate at-home use.

Q: Does AAO Care have an ambassador program?
A: AAO Care is currently building out an extensive ambassador program, but it is not yet live. Please email us at marketing@aaocare.com if you are interested.

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