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Utilize our LED Light Therapy in your skincare or for athletic recovery. Learn more about everything LED Light Therapy from our blog.

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Browse our Red Light Therapy devices designed for Athletes.

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Utilize LED Therapy for optimal recovery following your workout.

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Use the latest UV technology to achieve that perfect bronzed look.

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Learn about the benefits of LED Light Therapy.

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The Photons Collection

LED and Infrared Light Therapy

Discover the ultimate solution for your skincare and recovery needs with the Photons Collection. From fighting acne and reducing fine lines and wrinkles to aiding in post-workout recovery, this multi-tool is your go-to for rejuvenating your body. Learn more about LED Light Therapy in our About Our Products section.

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AAO Care

Beauty, Spa, and Skin Care Equipment

Get the latest and most advanced technology in beauty, skin care and fitness recovery with AAO Care. Our range of LED and Infrared Light Therapy Devices are perfect for estheticians, med spas, skin care clinics and personal use. Located in Laguna Hills, CA, we offer the best selection of LED Light Therapy devices for skin care enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts alike.

My daughter uses this 1-3 times per week to kill bacteria on the face. It really seems to help prevent breakouts if you use it consistently. Our aesthetician uses this exact one in her office so that's how we knew it was a good product. It's $25 for an office visit so this price is great if you want to use it at your own convenience and routinely. Highly recommend.

Kristine V.

Product works great and it's easy to use, I love that you can wrap it around knees and arms and not just use on the face.

Page M

I used this device for almost a year now. My skin is clear and light. It’s easy to use, I used it twice a week. I love it.

Vicky W

Our Mission

Experience the latest in LED and Infrared technology with our premium beauty equipment. As one of the top suppliers in the USA, we offer a wide range of high-quality, affordable LED Light Therapy Devices, including at-home tanning options, titanium derma rollers, and more. All of our products are manufactured in-house and rigorously tested to ensure optimal results. Discover the best in LED Light Therapy with AAO Care.

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