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Use Red Light Therapy to Recover from Training.

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LED Therapy

Red Light

Stimulate collagen production

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Increase blood flow and promote muscle recovery

Blue Light

Combat acne-causing bacteria

Soothe irritated skin

Improve skin clarify and texture

Yellow Light

Reduce inflammation and redness

Improve circulation to help flush toxins

Promote relaxation and support overall physical/mental well-being

Infrared Light

Support post-workout recovery and injury rehabilitation

Boost overall skin health and wellness

Reduce inflammation, pain, and muscle tension

The Photons Collection

LED and Infrared Light Therapy

Elevate your skincare and wellness routine and experience the benefits of LED Light Therapy. Whether you're looking to improve your complexion, recover from training, or achieve that perfect tan, our devices can help you get there. Take our quiz and let us help you find the perfect product for you.

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Product works great and it's easy to use, I love that you can wrap it around knees and arms and not just use on the face.

Paige M

I used this device for almost a year now. My skin is clear and light. It’s easy to use, I used it twice a week. I love it.

Vicky W

As good as the more expensive LEDs

Tanya M

My daughter uses this 1-3 times per week to kill bacteria on the face. It really seems to help prevent breakouts if you use it consistently. Our aesthetician uses this exact one in her office so that's how we knew it was a good product. It's gets expensive for an office visit so this price is great if you want to use it at your own convenience. Highly recommend.

Kristine V.
About Us

Beauty, Spa, and Skin Care Equipment

Get the latest and most advanced technology in beauty, skin care and fitness recovery with AAO Care. Our range of LED and Infrared Light Therapy Devices are perfect for estheticians, med spas, skin care clinics and personal use. Located in Laguna Hills, CA, we offer the best selection of LED Light Therapy devices for skin care enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts alike.

About Us

Our Mission

At AAO Care, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. We understand that acheiving your goals can be a challenge, which is why we offer a range of Premium LED Light Therapy and UV Tanning Devices to tailor to your specific needs. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable products and resources that make a difference in your skincare, health, and wellness routine. Trust AAO Care to guide you to your best self.

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