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Utilize our LED Light Therapy to treat existing blemishes and reduce future breakouts.

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The Ultimate Game Changer. Utilize LED Therapy for optimal recovery following your workout.

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Economical and Easy-to-Use. Use our latest UV technology to achieve that bronzed look.

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Enjoy salon quality results from the comfort of your own home.

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Any technical issues are covered in our 1-Year Technical Warranty.


LED Therapy Benefits

Learn about the benefits of our LED Light Therapy.

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AAO Care

Beauty, Spa, and Skin Care Equipment

AAO Care, located in Laguna Hills, CA, has a range of Cosmetic Devices for Estheticians, Med Spas, Skin Care Clinics and Personal Use. We strive to offer you the latest technology with the best possible beauty and skin care treatment devices available.

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The Illuminate Collection

Bring the tanning salon into your home.

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Exceptional products and service. I wouldn't be surprised if AAO Care is the next big thing in the beauty industry.

Brianna Tucker

I've come back multiple times to buy different items. I am in love with their LED products and Illuminate Tanner!

Jessica Marshall

Their products are the best quality you can find for the price.

Zachary Garber

The Photons Flex and Illuminate ProTan make up my collection of AAO Care products, and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Emily Keith

Our Mission

Our innovative products are built with the next generation of technology, bringing the best quality products to the table for your health. We are among the best Beauty Equipment Suppliers in the USA and still offer our world-class Skin Care Treatment Devices at a reasonable price, while other brands generally cost a fortune. We offer the latest technology and provide our buyers with well-tested products right from our manufacturing factories. AAO Care provides all kinds of technological beauty devices, including Titanium Derma Rollers, multiple LED Light Therapy options, an at-home tanner, and more. Our products have also been rated as highly proficient in Med Spa Devices.

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