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Esculpting Massager

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Esculpting Massager

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Introducing the Esculpting Massager - a revolutionary device that combines heat, LED light therapy, and ultrasonic vibrations to improve overall health and wellness! Utilizing vibrations and gentle heat, the Esculpting Massager increases blood flow to the targeted area and improves circulation. The mechanical vibrations also cause small contractions of the muscle fibers, revitalizing and soothing your muscles.  When passed over lymph nodes in the arms and legs, the massager helps to accelerate the movement of lymph fluid throughout the body, supporting a healthy immune system. The Esculpting Massager’s red LED light can be a beneficial addition to your skin care routine to help reduce wrinkles and skin imperfections. The 640nm wavelength also reaches the deepest layers of the dermis to aid in muscle recovery from acute injury or aching muscles. It's the perfect tool to add to either your skincare routine or after a workout. Learn more about red light and its effect on acne, anti-aging, benefits for athletes, and pain in the About Our Products Section.

Main Features

  • Increases blood flow and improves circulation
  • Supports a healthier immune system
  • Promotes healthier skin
  • Revitalizes and soothes muscles
  • Micro-Vibrating massage for muscle recovery


  • 40,000Hz ultrasonic vibrations
  • 640nm red LED light therapy
  • Gentle heat
  • Easy to use and store.


  • 4” diameter
  • 8.5” long
  • 5” tall

*Goggles / Eye Protection included.*

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