Photons Flex

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Photons Flex

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The Photons Flex allows for targeting specific bends and contours of the body with ease. The flexible nature of this device allows it to be placed flat along any portion of the body, or wrap around a specific limb, to target the underlying skin and tissue. The Photons Flex is equipped to emit red, blue, yellow, and infrared light wavelengths of light. The Flex pad measures 20” long, 7” wide at its thickest point, and is 0.5” tall. It also comes with a stand for use on the face or other rounded parts of your body. The flexible nature of the pad allows the Photons Flex to be stored easily in your home.

For Skin Care

Fitted with all four kinds of LED light therapy technology, our Photons Flex is ideal for targeting sections of skin anywhere on the body to help treat acne, inflammation, wrinkles, and deep tissue pain. Learn more about LED Light Therapy and its effect on AcneAnti-Aging, and Pain in the About Our Products Section.

For Athletes

The flexible frame makes the device especially powerful in targeting joint pain, muscle pain, and blood circulation in specific limbs. Fitted with Red and Infrared Light, the Photons Flex reaches the deepest layers of the dermis to aid in muscle recovery from acute injury or aching muscle. Learn more on our LED Light Therapy for Athletes page.


  • Red Light Therapy: 290pcs/60mW each
  • Blue Light Therapy: 260pcs/80mW each
  • Yellow Light Therapy: 290pcs/60mW each
  • Infrared Light Therapy: 60pcs/70mW each
  • Led Panel Size: 18x7 inches
  • Voltage: 110V or 220V


  • Photons Flex Pad
    • 20.5” long
    • 7” wide (at thickest point)
    • 0.5” thick
  • When Connected to the Stand
    • 11” long
    • 7” wide (at thickest point)
    • 10” tall

*Goggles / Eye Protection included.*

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