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PowerSculpt Cord

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PowerSculpt Cord

Regular price $ 24.99
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Looking for a replacement or additional power cord for your AAO Care Esculpting Massager? Introducing the PowerSculpt Cord - designed to seamlessly fit any iteration of the eSculpting Massager. With our 1-year Manufacturing Warranty, you can rest assured that if you qualify for a free replacement cord, you can directly email our dedicated support team at support@aaocare.com and they will swiftly assist you. For those outside of the warranty period, the PowerSculpt Cord offers a convenient and affordable option to keep your AAO Care eSculpting Massager powered up and ready to go.

Learn about LED light therapy and its effect on acne, anti-aging, and the benefits for recovery and pain, or about the full effects of UV in the About Our Products section

Compatible Machines

  • Esculpting Massager


  • Voltage: 110V or 220V

One-Year Technical Warranty

We offer a one-year limited warranty for technical issues with our products. If repair or replacement is needed, we will cover the charges. View our Manufacturer Warranty for more details.

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