Photons Steamer

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Photons Steamer

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The Photons Steamer blends together our innovative LED therapy technology with the added benefits you get from steam. Warm steam helps to open pores, making removal of dead skin and blackheads embedded in the skin easier. Combined with LED therapy, the steam heightens the effects of the light’s wavelengths by opening the pore and increasing its size, allowing the wavelengths of light to quickly target the bacteria, sebaceous glands, and underlying blood vessels. After use, the Photons Steamer allows for a deeper facial cleanse and better absorption of facial products. The product measures 12” tall, 16.5” long, and 9” thick. It breaks down into three separate pieces, making it easy at home storage. Learn more about LED Light Therapy and its effect on AcneAnti-Aging, and Pain in the About Our Products Section.


    • Red Light Therapy: 290pcs/60mW each
    • Blue Light Therapy: 260pcs/80mW each
    • Yellow Light Therapy: 290pcs/60mW each
    • Infrared Light Therapy: 60pcs/70mW each
    • Led Panel Size: 18x7 inches
    • Voltage: 110V or 220V


    • During Use
      • 12” tall
      • 16.5” long
      • 9” thick
    • Storage - Breaks down into three pieces, each measuing:
      • 12” wide
      • 9” length
      • 2” tall

      *Goggles / Eye Protection included.*

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