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LED light therapy goes beyond improving the cosmetic appearance of skin by utilizing longer wavelengths of light, primarily infrared (IR) and red light, to alleviate tissue pain. Chronic back pain has become the most common cause of disability in North America, and often has no clear path for relief or recovery. Invasive surgeries of the spine aim to repair joint and nerve damage, but cannot always guarantee that the symptoms will lessen or not eventually return in full force. Arthritis is one of the most common types of chronic pain, commonly due to early onset disorders, accidents, or the natural wear and tear from everyday use.

Infrared Light

Infrared Therapy

AAO Care utilizes the longer wavelengths of infrared light, included in LED light therapy products in the Photons Collection, to penetrate deep below the outer layers of skin to the muscle and connective tissue. The wavelengths of light are able to stimulate healing, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation by increasing the natural processes in the targeted cells. Infrared light hits a protein found in the mitochondria of the cells known as Cytochrome C Oxidase. This protein is a part of the cell’s natural electron transport chain wherein the unit of energy for all cells, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and an essential molecule, Nitric Oxide, are made. The resulting increase in ATP gives the cells a larger energy store in order to speed proliferation, aiding the closing of wounds and helping generate young, healthy cells. An increase in Nitric Oxide aids the healing process through its role in blood circulation. Nitric Oxide suppresses inflammation and dilates the blood vessels found beneath the skin and in tissues, widening them to allow more blood to pass through. LED therapy can specifically target stiff areas and joints in the body that may be suffering from a lack of healthy blood flow to increase the production of nitric oxide and increase microcirculation in each blood vessel to bring proteins, nutrients, and immune response cells to reduce pain and speed healing.

Beyond chronic muscle and joint pains, infrared light can help alleviate everyday acute pain, such as “knots” in the shoulders and back from sleeping incorrectly, or muscle pain after a strenuous workout. While exercise will help the muscle rebuild stronger, the healing process can be sped up with infrared light therapy. Increasing the levels of ATP and Nitric Oxide will speed the rate of healing and circulation to the targeted area, helping to naturally repair and relieve pain in your muscles, allowing you to resume daily life faster.

(Note: Infrared light is not visible when being used. This 
is just being used as an illustration.)

Current Treatments

Many current pain relief routes, like doctor’s appointments or salon visits, fail to fit into your busy schedule and needless to say, are expensive. AAO Care’s approach to pain management with infrared light therapy goes deeper than the superficial layers of skin to utilize the body’s own biological processes, promoting longevity and healing. This is why the infrared light therapy setting offered in the devices in our Photons Collection can help treat any area of the body that may be experiencing pain, inflammation, or swelling and can be treated without any appointments, saving you time and money.


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