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Welcome to Self Care Sunday!

Welcome to Self Care Sunday!

Welcome to our new blog, Self Care Sundays! Here we’ll be discussing different topics from LED Light therapy, to skin care, to living a healthy lifestyle, and much more! Check back every Sunday at 9am PST for the latest from the AAO Care Team!

For our introductory article, we’ll be talking about how LED and Infrared Light therapy are changing the way people approach skin care and helping athletes recover from acute injury or strenuous workout. These cutting-edge technologies use different wavelengths of light to target specific skin concerns and improve overall skin health. Our products utilize red light, yellow light, blue light, and infrared light. Each of these colors is a different wavelength, and thus, produces different effects!

The first use case of LED Light Therapy was for skin care purposes. Red light therapy uses red LED light to stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Yellow light therapy, on the other hand, uses yellow LED light to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin and reduce redness. Blue light therapy uses blue LED light to kill acne-causing bacteria and improve the overall health of the skin. Lastly, Infrared light therapy uses invisible light to penetrate deep into the skin and promote healing and pain relief. One of the major benefits of LED and Infrared Light therapy is that it is non-invasive and painless. This makes it an excellent option for people who want to improve the health and appearance of their skin without undergoing surgery or other invasive procedures.

In addition to its use in skin care, people have begun conducting research on using LED and Infrared Light therapy to help athletes recover from injuries and improve their performance. The therapeutic light can help reduce inflammation and promote healing, making it an effective tool for improving athletic performance and speeding up recovery time. With our products, we recommend using our red light to assist in your recovery and get you back in the gym. While light therapy will not help to recover from a major injury, recent research has shown to reduce return-to-action time for athletes with no adverse events.

Overall, LED and Infrared Light therapy are changing the way people approach skin care and how athletes recover from day-to-day wear and tear. Stay up to date with the AAO Care team, and be sure to check out Self Care Sundays for more information on these innovative technologies and their benefits. Leave any comments below if you’d like to see us cover any other topics!

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  • @Silvia We’d recommend the Photons Flex, as it is our most versatile product!

    AAO Care Team
  • What product would you recommend for someone just getting into skincare ?

    Silvia Garcia
  • Really excited for this new series!

    Amanda C.

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