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Ultraviolet rays from the sun are responsible for both tanning and burning the skin. What distinguishes each result is the wavelength of the UV ray being emitted. UV lights range from 100-400nm, split into UVA light from 320-400nm, UVB light from 290-315nm, and UVC light from 100-280nm. UVC light is absorbed before it reaches the ground, while UVA light penetrates the skin deepest, darkening the skin, and UVB light damages the superficial skin cells, causing sunburn. UV tanning decreases the risk of achieving the sun-kissed tan by controlling which wavelengths of UV light are emitted. The AAO Care Illuminate Tanner emits UVA light, from 315-400nm, reducing the potential for sunburn and focusing solely on wavelengths that will achieve the natural sun tanned look.

Our Experience

AAO Care’s UV tanning technology provides an at-home, salon-level tanning experience. The Illuminate Tanner emits UVA rays that directly tan and bronze the desired section of skin and allows for complete control over the positioning of the device and time per session. The intensity of the resulting tan will be dependent on the distance and angle the UV rays hit the skin and the amount of time per session. A healthy looking glow can be achieved with short, regular sessions.

Tan in the Winter

During the winter, the sun’s rays are not as strong due to things such as gloomier weather and shorter days due to the tilting of the Earth. This is why tanning outside is difficult to achieve in the winter months. At-home UV tanning allows for instant access to UV rays  at any time of the day, and any time of the year.


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